Studies have shown that Pilates, which focuses on strengthening even the smallest muscles groups, increases serotonin levels and is a significant mood booster, even improving quality of life for cancer patients. It can have a profound effect on how we experience  everyday life. During the pilates class we work on squeezing the pelvic floor muscle. 

For women it is important to exercise the pelvic floor muscle. Imagine your pelvis and then a sling of muscle that hangs across it like a hammock – the vigina and rectum pass through this hammock and the muscle is in the lower third. Post menopausal women should work hard on their pelvic floor exercises, as these support the vigina. 

Putting your pelvic floor muscles through their paces won’t just help protect against urinary incontinence, it  also makes for increased sensitivity and stronger orgasams.  Win win. 

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