Exercise with Sally Guise - Exercise Classes in Upminster

Sally GuiseSally Guise has been teaching a wide range of classes for the last 15 years, helping many people to lead a healthier life.

During that time Sally Guise classes have become well known throughout Upminster and the surrounding areas for being effective classes that people enjoy and find convenient and beneficial.

All Sally Guise Classes are pay-as-you-go – that means no costly membership fees or money up front for a whole course of classes that you may not be able to commit to.

If you are new to exercise and are considering coming along to a Sally Guise Class you should first consult your GP to make sure the class suits your current level of fitness. And once you are ready to start exercise Sally Guise then get ready to start feeling fitter and healthier.

You should aim to exercise at least twice a week and three times if you can, but remember every little helps and some exercise is better than no exercise at all.

The Team:
Sally Guise
Megan O’Neil
Amy Renee Ross